Church planting is…celebration!
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It’s praying and studying and listening your heart back into a place of eager serving.

It’s dreaming big and praying big and believing big and still being faithful in the small.




It’s looking back over the past year and naming what God has done…every little thing.
Every big thing.

It’s reminding yourself of God’s goodness and God’s faithfulness.

It’s remembering how He’s worked…listing them out over and over and over again. In times of joy and in times of discouragement.



It’s looking back over the past year and wondering how, but really knowing that it was all Him.

It’s celebrating the little changes and the little steps of faith. Because it’s the little things that add up to big things.

It’s celebrating the big things…the God-sized things. It’s standing in awe of those big, God-things and reminding yourself how big He is.

It’s praying hard for the missing parts…the steps of faith not taken, the lives not changed, the hearts still hard and knowing that He is the One that will do the work anyways.


It’s rejoicing and rejoicing and rejoicing in what He has done.

It’s never stopping in your celebration, but simultaneously celebrating and surging forward to what He has next.



It’s always rejoicing in all He’s done and never content to stay where you are.

Church planting is celebratingcelebrating Him.




Be blessed

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New and Small

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