“Do you have any regrets?” I asked as we slipped into bed last night.


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One year ago, September 15, 2012, we finally arrived in place we’d been dreaming of and planning for and praying about for the last year. We arrived at our new home. We were scared and tired and little lost.


No pause.
No thought
No question
No regrets


Little did I know that the pangs of nervousness and shyness I had felt during our 12 day journey were about to intensify as God pulled down barriers in my heart. Little did I know the beautiful ways in which the faces I was anxiously scanning would becoming dearest friends and mentors.

It’s been a long year that has flown by faster than I dreamed possible. In some ways, I hardly recognize the 21-year-old newlyweds that drove almost 4000 miles last year. Yet at the same time, I know them well.


If I could look back and tell myself anything…

Look back and look forward always, because the faithfulness God has shown you now is just a shadow of all He will do in the future. Never doubt His hand of care upon you.

Don’t ever hide a fear or hurt or a question or a thought from your husband, because God will knit your hearts closer to each other…far closer than you ever knew possible…as you rely on Him together.

Open your heart wide to love. Yes that love will cause you pain and hurt and questions, but without it you’ll become hard and bitter.

Listen to your authority and be slow to open your mouth. God has blessed you with wise earthly leadership more than you know right now; submit to it.

Take the time be still, by yourself and with your husband. You will never regret taking the time or trouble to go sit on the beach, to cuddle on the couch, to read a book quietly, or to take an evening walk.

Fill up on Jesus. Fill yourself full and fuller still. You can never get enough of Him and the more you breathe His grace into your heart, the more ways He’ll give you to breathe His grace out to others.

…this is what I would say.

And to myself going forward, I say again, “Look back and look forward always.” For the past will breathe life and truth and grace into your future as you see the hand of God in it.


“No…I have no regrets either.” I replied as he turned my question around.

Be blessed

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