It’s as simple as grace.It’s as simple as Jesus.
It’s as simple as a God who loves us passionately.

When it all seems so clouded and confusing…
When we’re attempting climb intellectual ladders to heaven…
When we’re studying that one verse over and over until we can’t remember why it’s even there…


It’s as simple as the fact that He loves you.
It’s as simple as the grand story of His Word…He loves you.
It’s as simple as the reason He came to this broken, messy world…He loves you.

And as intellectual and theological as it gets to study His Word…
And as deep and wide as His truth and wisdom is….
And as hard and confusing as it is to apply His Word to loving others…
It’s as simple as the fact that He loves you.

And He suffered the worst the earth has to offer to tell you that.
And He wrote a book to tell you that.
And He bled and died to tell you that.
Because He loves you.

And all the hard and the theological and the life application suddenly becomes clear in the light of this one mysterious, amazing, awe-inspiring fact…He loves you.

The perfect…
The holy…
The complete…
The only…
The God Almighty…loves you.

And sisters, we have to, we must, view all of God’s Word, view all of life through this lens.

Because when you are perfectly loved, you are free to be perfectly holy.
Because when you are perfectly loved, you are perfectly humbled.

Because when you understand perfect love, there is nothing on earth as beautiful or important.

Because when you understand His perfect love, His Word screams of nothing else, and every law becomes a delight, every theology becomes a love song.

And that love, the love He has for you, is so deep, so complicated, so wide, so hard, so simple…you can never fully know it. So let’s keep climbing those stairs of theology and intellectual understanding as long as they point us to nothing else but a God of love so great that we are completely compelled to love Him back.

And let’s long for heaven…when we will finally and fully know the depth of His love.

Be blessed

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