As I mentioned before, I live in The Northwest. Here we get rain, rain, and more rain! The running joke is that Washington has 2 seasons: rain and less rain! Well this week we’ve has snow. And more snow. And more…can you guess? Snow!So I am holed in. My hubby can work from home which is REALLY nice. We’ve ventured out in walks every day but so far we stayed within 2 miles (aka. reasonable walking distance) and yes, we did walk 2 miles in the snow at 6:30 last night to my in laws house…and back. It was actually fun.
But today after the power went out when the snow storm turned into an ice storm, we finally dug our car out to get a hot lunch. I’ll spare you the details of our trek through a melting 18″ of snow and getting towed out of trouble by an F250 truck, but we are back home waiting for power with a new iPhone. Yes, IPHONE! My upgrade was finally available and I got a new iPhone 4s! AND I am using it to post this! Super exciting! Anywho…hope all of you are having a slightly les eventful day than I am.
Be blessed!
P.S. Yes…I know that “anywho” is not a real word. But I like it so I use it anyways! =)

Snow Pictures
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