So…this post is exciting for two reasons.
  1. I am linking to my first blog!  ( I should have done it before now, but I’ve been scared…)
  2. This verse God really used in my life at the conference I went to last week.  (If you missed my post about it, go check it out!)  So…although the picture does not really go with the words of the verse, it goes with it in my mind.  The picture is my favorite of the scenery shots for the conference location.
God really talked to me about loving others even when they are hard to love.  I am told by God to love my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ even if I don’t feel like it.  Later in the book (1 Peter 4:8), it reminds us that love overlooks sin…not in an unloving way.  But love does not get hung up and break unity over petty things.  I had some areas in my life where I needed to stop getting hung up over petty things.  So I am memorizing this verse as a reminder.

I hope you can be blessed as I was by these simple insights from God’s word.  Be blessed!

Snowed In
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