“…Easter is a busy time, especially since I run the kids ministry for our church. I’ve been letting myself get stressed over the business the past month and I guess I’m learning the daily battle part of trusting God…”


Sometimes, often, I learn things as I’m saying them…or typing them. I find these things that I never realized had been stirring in my heart until they spill out into words on my computer or iPhone screen.

And suddenly…joy.

Because it’s impossible to fully learn something and not be able to communicate it. And that means that when I’m struggling for words and feeling a little lost to find what the whole point of something was anyways…I’m still learning.

And when words do come winding their way to the main point, clarity dawns fresh and full on me.

And I wondered why my parents always asked what we learned during the drive home from church on Sunday.

But if you can’t learn something fully until you can communicate it, then why do we sit around bottling up God’s truths in our hearts? Because hearing the lessons God has been stirring in my heart form into words and truths is an exercise in joy.

When I hear the truths finally forming from the mess in my heart and head, it is cause to rejoice. And sometimes those moments come suddenly.

Like the text I sent to a blogging friend above. I typed the words and hit send and joy burst in my heart and mind. Because moments before these thoughts had be a half formed idea of lessons and hard stuff half turned into beauty and purpose when suddenly…joy!

Joy that He’s teaching me and growing me.
Joy that my broken story can be transformed to speak life.
Joy that He is faithful to transform my failures to glory.
Joy that the clarity had come…that even when I couldn’t see the stirring and the working in my own heart, it had been happening.

He had been working.
He is working.
He will continue to work in me and through me, transforming my story into His story.

Be blessed

Hello, My Name is...
Holding Out on Joy

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