And I’m sitting there reading it again written out straight and true and freeing.
“The Gospel isn’t basic — it’s what all believers breathe.”

“Why did I ever think the Gospel was only elementary and not all encompassing?”

And…”It’s the gospel in shorthand and pure relief: but on Jesus’ righteousness.”
Ann Voskamp


And I wonder where I forgot. I wonder where the glory and the freedom parted
ways in my heart. And I wonder where I took the responsibility back on my own shoulders again instead of leaving it in the strong arms of Jesus that bled to take it from me.

Because the whole point of my life…
…the reason God created us…
…the reason I am here in South Florida…
…the reason I am alive today…
…the reason I have been given gifts and talents…
…the reason I make the money I do (however little or much it is)…
…the reason I know and have influence on the people I do…
…the reason is His glory.
The whole point of me…the whole point of you…the whole point of everything is to bring God glory. To display his power and might and to bring Him worship.
And somewhere around this point I start to get overwhelmed and I wonder if God is narcissistic or simply just asking a little to much of us humans. Or maybe on a “good” day, I pull out my planner and try to construct a life that brings glory to God by what I do…

…and He’s sitting there the whole time saying, “Daughter, I sent my Son to earth, to teach you and love you and to die to pay the penalty for your sin. And not just that, but when He forgave your sin, He gave you all His righteousness.”
The glory…it’s already done.
The glory…it’s in Jesus.
The glory…it’s in the filth He’s cleaned from this broken life and in the beauty He’s brought into it.

The glory…He already did it.
You can’t do anything greater to give Him glory than to accept and rejoice in what he’s already done for you. Because it was never up to you to bring Him glory anyways. That’s the whole point. You are just a vessel through which He can and desires show His glory by doing it all for you anyways.

So will you let Him?

Be blessed

Those Words
Glory to God

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