I haven’t done a “thoughts” post in awhile.  Not that God hasn’t been working; He has.  I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write about it.
So what has He been doing?  He has been gently reminding me to pray.
(Don’t you love His gentle reminders?  A tug on your heart.  A conversation with a friend or mentor.  Something simple.  Over and over and over again.  Always gentle and loving.)
I have felt this tug on my heart off and on for years, but it seems as thought God has been working this im my heart even more lately.
There were two key events involving other people that started this in my heart:
The first was 2 weeks ago when our dear friends (who moved to Florida last year) called.  They are in the city of Delray Beach and are in the process of starting a church.  Well when they called us, they asked us to hold weekly prayer meetings til Easter to pray for the Easter services they will be holding.
(Read more about their story here.)
Since then prayer has been on my heart even more.
The second event was with my high school english teacher.  She was giving me a bit of mentoring in the tutoring department when she said something like, “I know you have the same heart as me, wanting to grade fairly without overwhelming the kids and praying over papers before you grade them.”  My mind stopped dead in it’s tracks.  I had maybe prayed over papers once…or twice.  My heart and mind began to race, “What an incredible woman of God…she cares so much!  And I do too…don’t I?  Then why don’t I pray?”
Even with this encouragement and call to prayer from godly men and women in my life, I still forget.  I don’t think about it.  Praise God for His gentle nudges and reminders.
Even while trying to find the words for this post, I felt Him saying, “Pray about it.”  So I did.
What a freeing feeling to leave my cares, however slight they may be, in the sure and strong hands of my Maker.  I need to get better at truly leaving my cares there at His feet.  So often I pick them up again within a few second of murmuring “amen”.  
It is my desire to spend my life growing ever closer to my Maker.  I love Him, but not as I should.  I am thrilled with this journey of prayer He is taking me on.  May my heart continue to seek God daily, hourly…every minute!  And may you, my friends (as I hope you will all continue to become), find your hearts drawn closer and closer to God daily.
May you pray!

What have your prayers been lately?  Can I pray for you?
Be blessed.
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