Do you ever start writing a post, put it aside for a day or two and come back to find that you simply can’t finish it?  That was me today.  I started writing this post about servanthood on Sunday.  I’m finally finishing it up today and the only thing I think about is how much I need to remember that God is all of the things this song says.  I need to KNOW that in my HEART.

My heart is so often anxious, tired, and sad.  Sometimes one little detail becomes so big in my life that I can’t see past it.  But I KNOW that God is good. I HAVE seen His faithfulness in my life.  When my heart is crying and failing to trust, I must reason with my heart and recount the blessings of God.
How have I seem Jesus be each of these in my life in the past?  Do I really trust that He will be these in the future?

How often do we become “overwhelmed” with grace?
Think about it.
In my self-centered way I stress out over things that God is completely in control of.  I stubbornly grasp my life in my hands refusing to surrender it to it’s Maker.  Worrying and wondering, I frantically try to make all the pieces fit in a puzzle when I don’t even have all the pieces!
Yet, God is right there the whole time waiting for me to turn to Him.  He has all the pieces and if I will just let Him, He will create something beautiful from the mess I am making.
So often this struggle is seen only in my mind, yet it is still there.
Will I surrender to…

my Savior…?

song by New Life Worship – “Savior”

I’m sorry if this post tonight seemed odd.  It was more for me than for you anyways, but maybe, by some strange chance, God will use my struggles and wandering thoughts to encourage you.

Be blessed.

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