Have you ever spent a lot of time around a visionary person? Someone who is constantly looking forward and seeking for God to work? Someone who sees the possibilities of what God could do in a church, a school, a community? Someone who dreams big?

From the CCBC Mexico Facebook

It’s contagious isn’t it?

One of the big things God taught me on the Mexico Missions Trip was the importance of vision.

From the CCBC Mexico Facebook

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law.”

That is how I have felt this past year at times…unrestrained. There is nothing holding me to the work that I should be doing…the work that I should be excited and passionate about. I’ve struggled to hold onto the visions God has given me.

From the CCBC Mexico Facebook

Visions for spending time and mentoring and discipline HS students and young dating couples. Visions for working in the public high schools. Visions for teaching to bring glory to His name.

From the CCBC Mexico Facebook

When I loose focus of what God has called me to do, it is easy to slowly stop doing it…or at least to stop doing it for His glory and to doing it with a sense of purpose.

In Mexico, we served at the Calvary Chapel Bible College located near Ensanada.

The first morning we woke up after arriving, we were pumped and ready to work, but the leader of the college had a different plan. He took an hour and a half out of our work morning in order to give us a vision.

He showed us the elaborate plans for a 600 student campus that they had drawn up. He walked us along the ridge where four large student dormitories would someday be located. He took us to the one-day entrance of the college and with each word, poured his vision into our hearts. Now we were truly ready to serve. We had the overall vision. We were just a tiny part of this huge beautiful picture that was being painted…but we were a part. We were focused. We were ready to serve.

The location of the future bible college buildings.

There is one large vision that God has placed on mine and my husbands hearts this past year that has dramatically shaped how we are living our lives. A vision to go out and preach the gospel to the whole earth….specifically one part of the earth…for now.

I have mentioned our dear friends Daniel and Laura on this blog before. You can read their story on their blog, but the short version is…

A year ago they moved from Olympia, Washington to Delray Beach, Florida to start a church. To become a part of the community, to reach out, to love people, to love the city, and to preach Jesus Christ. Their church is Redemption Church Delray Beach and they are starting to realize those goals.

Our goal?

To move to Florida, to get jobs in the community, and to assist them in any way we can while becoming active members of the community and sharing our faith in Jesus.

This vision has shaped everything from the the way we think about our lives, to the time we spend with our families, to the way we spend our money, to the clothes we purchase. Knowing, for the last year, that at the end of this summer we will be leaving Washington to move to literally the OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY, has changed everything!

Our vision for moving to Florida has restrained us…and it is beautiful.

I’m sad…yes. We will be leaving both our families, our friends, our church, and the youth we love to work with and serve.

I’m happy…also. We are following the call we believe God has placed on our lives. What better place is there to be?

This is the city that I am learning to pray for and to love even though I have never seen it…
This is our vision…
This is where God has called us…

I will go into more detail later, but for now I wanted to share where our hearts are and what our future entails. My crafting and blogging may lessen as we begin to pack and then start our journey in September. Pray with me, will you?

What vision has God placed on your heart? Are you allowing it to restrain you?

Be blessed.

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