Two weeks worth of Instagrams…

and I went to Mexico and back in that time period!
Oh what an onslaught of emotions are running though my heart and hopefully through my fingers over the next few weeks as I revisit this trip.

For today, let me just give you an overview.

1. On father’s day, Travis and I visited his grandparents in Shelton. Travis grew up in Shelton, so while we were there, he gave me a tour. This is the elementary school he attended!

2. Beauty in ordinary places makes my heart praise.

3. My youngest sister has her permit! And I am old enough to drive with her. So excited to teach her a bit and have another way to spend time together.

4. So after I let my sister drive to my house with me, I made milkshakes for my her, my hubby, and I.

6, 7, and 8. It is Wednesday, June 20…leaving date. First stop…Redding, California. (AKA…a really long drive) So these were the things I did to stay entertained…plus a lot of chatting! =)
9. Day 2…what a day. Half-way through another long days drive a brake went out of the front of our 48 passenger tour bus…yep. I will go more into this story later, but let’s just say that although we were now a DAY LATE into Mexico, God taught everyone so much in that day. I think that one-day delay prepared us to serve a hundred times more effectively once we arrived. This was a late night worship session the night we were stranded.
10. I couldn’t use my phone in Mexico… =(  Which means…no instagrams. So this next photo is from a week later on our way back. We stopped at Knotts Berry Farm where I went on my first ever ferris wheel and first ever rollercoaster! Despite 21 years of fear fighting me, I actually enjoyed it. But I mostly enjoyed wandering the park with my handsome hubby. <3
11, 12, and 13. And then that night at about 11:30 pm…the drivers side back tires (dual tires) fell off of the 15-passenger van we brought. So Travis and I stayed behind while the rest of our group headed home. More quality time after the craziness and seperation on the trip. And when we finally made it on the road again…we drove through Weed, California. Weed? Really?

 14. Fourth of July outfit (preview)

15. Lovin my new aviators – purchased in Mexico!

16. My sister Anna and her adorable friend Kay on the 4th…who happened to be matching! =)

This is the (VERY) short story of my last 2 1/2 weeks. I’m coming back..slowly, but I’m coming. And I think I am finally rested and mentally ready to begin sharing the beauty that God has been working in my heart. <3

Be blessed!

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