When nickels and dimes and pennies start adding up to hundreds and when quarters and dollar bills start adding up to thousands and when tens and twenties make a million, you feel so lost in all the numbers that you know God is at work.

And then a few months later, when two pennies added together makes zero and the few dollars scraped together are never enough and the tens and twenties seem to be snatched from your grasp almost before you realize they’re there…you start to question. And somewhere along the line, when you have to hold your breath when you talk with your husband about money and you get a tight knot in your stomach at even the thought of work or the sight of your purse…somewhere along the line you forgot the time when your little pennies were somehow giving you everything you needed and more and you couldn’t figure out the math.


Somewhere along the line you forgot that with God two plus five equals 5,000. Somewhere along the line God’s goodness became and idea and not a reality. Somewhere along the line you thought that God would provide for the beginning of this messy journey He laid out but that figuring out how to make it to the end was up to you.



And at a Divine moment in the middle of that somewhere and in the middle of those tight knots in your stomach and in the middle of avoiding talking about the dollars and cents, God stepped in and pointed…He pointed back.
He pointed back to His prior faithfulness and provision in your life.
He pointed back to His prior work in the lives of your spiritual parents.
He pointed back to His provision for all those who have gone before.


In truth, He had probably been standing there all along, arm stretched out, pointing back…and at the same time, gently nodding forward, beconing ahead…beconing to hope.
Isn’t that always how it works? Faith built on the evidence of the past and pointing forwards towards what is to come. Pointing ahead; giving us hope.



Looking back can bring hope to the moment where you are so stuck in the now that you can’t see any life in the future.
Looking back and remembering His faithfulness and knowing that His faithfulness is for you too.
Looking back and seeing what He has done and then trusting that He will continue to act on your behalf.
Looking back and knowing that where you are now is right where He wants you, so why would you wonder if He’ll bring you through okay?
Looking back at His goodness shown across all of time and being able to trust that His goodness won’t stop now just because you can’t see a way out.
“Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually! Remember the wondrous works that he has done, his miracles and the judgments he uttered.” 2 Chronicles 16:11-12
Be blessed
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