I’m doing something new this year. I chose a word for 2013!


I’ve heard if this before, but have never felt the push to do it. I guess it was too similar to goal setting (which you all know my struggle with). Additionally, I always thought, “How do these people remember their word? I would forget it by the end of week one!” But if you read yesterday’s post, you would have seen that I have detailed goals in many areas. You would also have seen that I have one overarching goal for the year. Now after right that post, I read all these posts where bloggers had picked a word for 2013. Immediately I thought, “Nope. Not doing! I already did goals. Not doing this too.” But then I realized…I already set that big overarching goal; I just didn’t put a word behind it!

So here is that overarching goal again:
“My number one, overarching goal for this New Year is to live from the source of God’s Spirit daily. I am learning the importance of living each day dependent on and guided by God’s Spirit. This year I want to make a point to daily ask God to fill me with His Spirit. I want to learn to live ever more connected to the source of life, Jesus Christ. My He fill me anew and afresh each and every day.”

So my word for 2013?
Filled – Specifically, Spirit Filled


Last night, we had our weekly prayer meeting for Redemption Church. This was an extra special one, because it is our last regularly scheduled prayer meeting before we launch our Sunday morning services on January 6th!

So our pastor decided to spend our time laying hands on each of us individually and praying for a filling of God’s Spirit.

It was beautiful! I cried as I listened to each of my dear friends pray things for me that specifically placed on their heart. And the number of time they prayed that I would be filled daily with the Spirit filled my heart with joy.


Additionally, praying for them was beautiful. I tried to be still before Hod while our pastor opened each set of prayer and just we what God wanted me to pray. Each time as I opened my mouth, my prayers would take unexpected form, I believe, God guiding me what to pray.

If you have never had the opportunity go to a prayer meeting or to pray with a group of believers for an extended period of time, I encourage you to do it! Intimate times of prayer are sweet, but it is so beautiful to pray with a body of believers who all are loving and seeking and serving Jesus with you.

So seek out those people. Watch thier lives, look for your church’s regularly scheduled prayer meetings. If they don’t have one, start one by faith! Prayer is important! It is vital! And praying with the body of Christ is beautiful, restoring, and powerful.

Don’t get me wrong! Most weeks, as the meeting is beginning, I am silently asking God to prepare an soften my heart. I want to learn to be in His presence more, so that the beginning of each church service and prayer meeting no longer contain the struggle of getting my heart to a place where I desire to be there. I have a lot to learn in this area if prayer, but I want to grow in it, and the number one way I’m doing it this year is by starting my day asking God to fill me with His Spirit…and then asking again and again throughout the day as I find myself wandering from His presence.

So this is my heart, my prayer, and my word for 2013.


Be blessed

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