Happy New Year!

I am enjoying the peace and quiet of today. I am enjoying God’s presence.  I am thankful for dear friendships. And I am praying for God’s Spirit to keep me from fear as I type this.

Goals for 2013:

My number one, overarching goal for this New Year is to live from the source of God’s Spirit daily. I am learning the importance of living each day dependent on and guided by God’s Spirit. This year I want to make a point to daily ask God to fill me with His Spirit. I want to learn to live ever more connected to the source of life, Jesus Christ. My He fill me anew and afresh each and every day.


  1. I plan to continue with both the She Reads Truth and the Redemption Women bible studies.
  2. I plan to journal daily, even if the entry is only a sentence or two asking for a filling of God’s Spirit for the day.
  3. I plan to listen to at least part of a sermon podcast everyday.
  4. I plan to pray with my husband every night before we go to sleep. I have had this desire for the last year, but I haven’t been very good about doing it. By God’s grace, I desire to become much more consistent in this over the next year.


  1. I plan to run 500 miles in 2013. I did the math and I only have to run 1.92 miles, 5 days a week. Considering that my “normal” run to the beach and back is already 1.5 miles, I think this is a completely reasonable goal. That said, I did not run this morning. =) Honestly, I already had a long discussion with myself to keep myself from already giving up on this one. See this post if you want to know what I told myself. =)
  2. I want to run in a race. If I am going to do this running thing, I want to really do it. I have dreamed of running in a race for years. Honestly, probably the biggest factor is money. We will see. =)
  3. I want to eat at least 1 serving of vegetables a day. I have dropped off our produce intake since moving. Produce cost are definitely higher here in Florida, but despite the monetary challenge we need to eat more vegetables.


  1. I want to be intentional in relationships this year. I want to pursue relationships and not wait to be pursued.
  2. I want to write a card or letter to someone once a week.
  3. I want to take time each day to put down my distractions and listen to my husband.


  1. I plan to find true need in Delray Beach and to meet that need in ways we can. I have no idea how to do this, so I’m just praying that God will show us need.
  2. I plan to cook and plan my meals in such a way that I can cut back our food budget.


  1. I plan to find a good WordPress template that I really like.
  2. I plan to get RSS feeds set up and working well.
  3. I plan to vlog more than once a month

There is a lot here. I am fighting to not feel overwhelmed as I look at this list, but I am also reminding myself that I serve a big God and that the goal in all these things is to serve and glorify Him, not myself.

My prayer for this New Year is that I may be filled with His Spirit and that He may receive the glory for it all.

Be blessed

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