Church planting is…
…loving Jesus.

…holding desperately to Jesus everyday.

…seeking His face each morning.

…filling up to be poured out.

…filling up to overflow.



…discovering a new desperation for the Word of God, the presence of God.

…reading more books.
…spending more time in prayer.
…studying more of God’s Word.
…thinking more about God.
…talking more to God.
…loving Him deeper and deeper and deeper.

…being continually amazed at what He is doing, continually…
Because awe of what He is doing will lead to desire to see Him do more…and more…and more.

Because the more we seek Him, the more we desire Him.

Because the more we love Him, the more we talk about Him.

Because the more we know Him, the more we want others to know Him too.

Because the more He changes us, the more He gives us His heart…a heart for the lost, the broken, the needy, the lonely…

Church planting is…

…drawing so close to Jesus that you can’t help but love the lost.

…seeking Jesus so much that your love is infectious.

…desiring Jesus so much personally that you can’t help but desire that everyone around you know Him too.

“Our greatest thing is to love Jesus…out of that will flow every other thing.”
Pastor Daniel Williams

Be blessed

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