“We call them commands, rules, suggestions, old fashioned…but they are His love spelled out.”
His love written for anyone to know.
It’s written in warnings, in truths, in promises, in song, in story.
He wrote a book that describes His great love in every way imaginable.


He created.
He loves.
He rescued.
He loves.
He warned.
He loves.
He gave wisdom.
He loves.
He punished.
He loves.
He bore our punishment.
He loves.

He loves and He loves and He loves and do we ever slow down long enough to read His love spelled out? Do we breathe deep enough to feel it? Do we pause our minds enough to meditate on it?

Do we allow Him to speak it to us, or do we rush through life with all our crazy anxious and wonder why we feel so unloved? The love is there. His love is there. Do we slow down enough to see it?

It’s painted in the sunrise.
It’s written in poetry.
It’s sung by the birds.
It’s preached from the majesty of mountain tops.
It’s whispered in the dark, misty forrest.
But we’ll never see His love surrounding us if we don’t know Him.

We have to know Him to trust that He is good. We have to know Him to trust His character. We have to know Him to have faith that even the hard is really a gift.
And it’s there, He’s told us over and over and over.
Will we seek Him so that we might know Him?

Because sisters, He loves you. He loves you and is loving you and will continue to love you wether you ever see it or not.
So read it. Open up His word and let Him tell you who He is.
You’ll learn to know Him.
You’ll learn to trust Him.
You’ll learn to love Him because He…first…loved…you.

Because I don’t want to obey Him because I have to. I want to obey Him because I know Him and because I love Him and because I know that He loves me!


Be blessed

{This post is part of my 31 day series called “Breathe” that I am linking up with The Nester for this October writing project}

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