Hello Beautiful!
It’s time for another Girl Behind the Blog Vlog link up! You get to hear me stumble over my words, correct myself mid thought, say “ummm” a dozen or so times, and avoid making eye contact. Unfortunately, I do all these things in real life, but am learning to be better at them. I’m simply happy to share a little piece of me (on video) with you.


This month’s prompt is travel! I’ve actually traveled more than I realize at first thought, and even been out of the country several times! However, I’ve never flown out of the country and most places in the country I haven’t flown either: just driven…which I suppose means you can guess where I’ve been and now don’t need to watch the video…

But please watch it anyways and I hope you enjoy it!
Also go check out Ashely at Written on Her Heart and Annie at What She Saw who are this month’s hosts! I love them both and hope to someday meet them in person.

I had to clip out a TON of my ramblings to get it down to 4 minutes…yikes! Sorry that it’s so long. Watching all the vlogs is an amazing experience each time: hearing everyone’s accents, listening to the way they express themselves in person, noticing little mannerisms, and most of all, seeing who they are in their words and eyes. It’s a beautiful thing to have that ability.

Be blessed

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